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CPP Disability Applications

Ask Your Lawyer For Help

It is a sad fact that a high number of  applicants are denied disability benefits by CPP. It is not that all these people fail to meet the criteria for eligibility. In many cases the problem is due to insufficient or incorrect information on their original application. While the application package is easily accessible online, and can be down loaded from your home computer, the paperwork can be complicated. It is difficult to access government personnel to clarify the exact problem and explain how to remedy it.

Claimants who have applied for benefits and been denied have the right to appeal. After several unsuccessful appeals, and endless frustration, many people give up. Since faulty paperwork is the reason for so many benefit denials, new applicants are strongly advised to get expert advice before completing the application package.

What is in the application package?
The application comes as a hefty package of 8 forms. Each form ranges from 2 pages to 14 pages in length.

  • A 14 page, overview of the full application package and explanation on how to complete the forms.
  • A two page form asking for your signed consent for Service Canada to collect your personal information.
  • A two page form asking for your physician’s signed consent to release your personal information to Service Canada.
  • A six page “Application for Disability Benefits” form which asks for: Your mailing address and contact information,Banking information, Your date of birth, SIN number and a listing of all the countries in where you have ever lived or worked both in and outside of Canada, Names and details regarding your children, Mailing addresses and information for contacting Service Canada.

An 8 page questionnaire asking about:
Your education and technical training, Your work history in Canada or other countries, How your medical condition affects your ability to work, Your plans for work, listing of benefits or insurance compensation you have access to, medical description of your disability and an explanation of its affect on your work and daily activities, listing of disabilities that affect the functions of daily living, history of any physicians you have seen along with the dates and subject of the visit as well as their contact information, history of any hospital stays along with the reason and dates of your admittance, the length of your stay(s) and the address of hospitals involved. (This includes hospitals in Canada and other countries if applicable) and a listing of medication, treatment, rehabilitation and assistive devices.

A five page medical report to be filled in by your primary doctor
It is crucial that your doctor understands the importance of this form to your success in getting disability benefits. It is imperative that this form is filled in as completely and accurately as possible. It is not enough to simply fill in the blanks with a basic answer.  This is especially true for psychological issues and physical disabilities that are invisible and difficult to prove.  It is up to you to explain this to your doctor so he can fill out these forms properly on your behalf. An experienced disability lawyer could do this, for you, if you need help.

A two page Child Rearing Provision Form
asking about any children born after 1958 including SIN numbers, date of birth and information about family allowance and child tax benefits.

A Three Page Information Sheet
Which explains the above Child Rearing Provision Form, who is eligible for this provision and how it can be important to you.